H.8 June 27, 2008

Updates were made to the following sections. The changes are explained below.

H.8.1 Managing Devices



Enabling Write-Through Cache Management on SCSI Devices and RAID Controllers

This section was moved here from the Troubleshooting section. It was revised for clarity.

H.8.2 Managing Space Quotas for Volumes, Directories, and Users



Configuring User Space Quotas on Volumes After Upgrading or Migrating from OES 1 Linux

Updated to reflect the OES 1 Linux to OES 2 Linux migration scenario where users were not Linux-enabled on OES 1.

H.8.3 NSS Commands

The command section titled POSIX Rights for Files Command (Linux) was removed. The /InitialUNIXRights option was not released in the FCS version.

H.8.4 Salvaging and Purging Deleted Volumes, Directories, and Files



Understanding the NSS Salvage System

After the deleted data enters a Purge state by manually starting a purge or by autopurging, deleted files can longer be salvaged (do not return to a Salvageable state).

Section 23.4, Viewing, Salvaging, or Purging Deleted NSS Volumes in a Pool

Pause Purge/Restart Purge: Pause Purge disables autopurging for the selected volumes so that purging does not begin automatically for a deleted volume when its Purge Delay time elapses. During the purge delay or while autopurging is disabled, the deleted volume is salvageable.

Restart Purge enables autopurging for the selected volumes. The deleted volume is purged when the purge delay time elapses.

This option does not make it possible to salvage a deleted volume that has already entered a Purge state.

H.8.5 Using NSS in a Virtualization Guest Server Environment



Running NSS on the Host Server Is Not Supported

Updated with information about using clustered NSS pools and volumes in a virtualization environment.