Retain 4.10 Release Notes

October 2021

1.0 Introduction

This document outlines the new features and changes in Retain 4.10.

2.0 Installing Retain 4.10

For planning and installation instructions, see the Retain 4.10: Installation and Upgrade guide.

3.0 Upgrading to Retain 4.10

To upgrade a Retain system that is running Retain 4.8.1 or later, simply download and install the Retain 4.10 software.

If you are running a version earlier than 4.8.1, follow the upgrade paths that are documented in Upgrading to Retain 4.10 in the Retain 4.10: Installation and Upgrade guide.

4.0 New and Changed Features in Retain 4.10

5.0 Issues Resolved in Retain 4.10

The following issues of interest have been resolved in Retain 4.10.

  • 86915 PDF/PST export abort not working correctly

  • 86939 GroupWise worker can fail during loginAsAnyUser

  • 86983 Retain is performing routine maintenance. Please log on later.

  • 87835 Search showing up with Nonexsisting keywords

  • 87862 Windows Smart Screen Stops Retain 4.9.1 Installer

  • 87950 Message.releventDate set to 0

  • 88919 Cannot obtain uuid from server

  • 88962 Retain 2.6 to 3.5.1 migration tool SQL errors

  • 89041 Social media items are not tied to the Social messages checkbox

  • 89095 HTTP upgrade is not supported by this protocol

  • 89120 Cannot open personal items without subject

  • 89176 Foreign key constraint violation error when synchronizing job cache

  • 89375 Encasing an email address in quotes doesn't return just that email address

  • 90092 Module SMG profile created through REST API doesn't appear on Retain UI

  • 90124 Spelling Error in Indexing Log When Backing Up Indexes

  • 90151 Change text color of successful connection status test

  • 91268 "This is very likely to create a memory leak" Error in catalina on shut down

  • 91548 Advanced search - Attachment size changes

  • 100947 Freeze Header Row of Device List

  • 102079 'No Valid items to Forward' message is shown when clicking on Tags, Delete, Restore , Litigation hold

  • 104049 Unable to compile class for JSP error when clicking on Generate accounts report

  • 108019 Distribution Lists cannot be assigned in Job

  • 109016 Add support for Oracle 19c to the 4.9.1 and 4.9.2 docs

  • 111058 Cannot save when making changes to the redirection tables.

  • 111082 Retain Archiving Jobs drastically slowed down

  • 111112 Retain Search Content Not Available Beyond 1st Page

  • 111120 Deletion logs do not zip at the end of the day, and a new deletion log isn't created.

  • 112055 Unexpected error during deletion task

  • 112193 "Save Changes" button is not enabled when SMTP password is changed in Notification tab of Jobs, RM server

  • 112219 Session timeout change is applied to all users

  • 112220 Error: Index 2 out of bounds for length 2 when setting expire account to a past date

  • 113190 CellTrust Module not working

  • 113234 BlackBerry - SMTP send method has two options which need documentation and one of the options uses the word "bogus" which might not be correct

  • 113235 PDF version of Mailbox Error Monitoring Report for Select Mailboxes has an overlapping column.

  • 113239 We get a lot of "getFolderLinks" errors during the day

  • 113254 Loading Saved Search Query Duplicates The Same Mailboxes - Bug

  • 114021 Migrate Tools projects to log4j2

  • 115015 Sticky Searches Cannot be Turned Off

  • 115033 The download link for Powershell Sync Script 1.0 in the Tools page has a malformed URL

  • 115047 Clean up unwanted old log4j settings code

  • 116004 Embedded SOLR logs rollover not working as expected

  • 121008 Sorting Audit items by Info and Action fields not working properly

  • 122005 "Run Report Now" Option sends email using SMTP with TLS even though it isn't configured

  • 122006 Generate button in Archive Summary by Module is not greyed out when no module is selected

  • 122013 Sort options "Messages Archived, Messages Processed, Disk Space" do not work properly for Archive summary by User Report

  • 126006 Unable to restore mails from retain

  • 127005 Quartz and Jasper logs are logged even when logging is disabled

  • 127042 Admin user as well as users from mail system are part of the default group, but the default group is not set as their configuration group

  • 128009 Job is Using LDAP but Configured for Graph - Cannot obtain uuid from server

  • 130066 Retain Audit Report Has Questionable Results

  • 131040 Inherited from Group for the Enable MFA at the user level setting , the value from group inherited is shown as either 0 or 1

  • 131060 Security problem with MS openID connect

  • 134015 Wording for Mailbox Deletion has to be changed for the report option to "Generate Report and Delete Oprhaned Messages"

  • 134040 Errors happening every 10 -20 minutes

  • 141003 Office 365 mailbox archive errors

  • 141006 Retain: some users cannot login to retain anymore / [ERROR] ServerErrorHandlerStrategy: login / java.lang.NullPointerException: null

  • 141012 Advanced auditing option 'Changed Data Collection' shows Action as 'Changed SPWJ'

  • 142014 ENH - Set Job Errors Limit Default to Unlimited

  • 143025 Upgrade to 4.9.2 removes log location configuration

  • 147013 Retain 4.9.2 linux upgrade calls \data/index then fails

  • 155004 PST Export XML File Data Changing Causing it to Look at the Wrong File for Download

  • 161716 When All Messages Are Selected in Server Side PST Exports, Un-Checking One Message, Un-Checks Them All

  • 241115 webservices-rt.jar installed on Windows Servers and causing issues with jobs

  • 242048 Retain issues since upgrade to 4.9.2 - Rights

  • 242049 Stubbing Services don’t work after migration - error EA10

  • 247040 Search terms result in different results.

6.0 Known Issues

The following are known issues in the Retain 4.10 release.

6.1 Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess Limitation

The Retain Plugin for GroupWise WebAccess doesn’t work in GroupWise version 18.3 and later.

6.2 Possible Android Archiving Issue

Micro Focus has received unverified reports that SMS/MMS messages from new Android devices that have RCS enabled might not be archived.

If your users experience this issue, try disabling RCS and see whether the problem is resolved.

If the problem is resolved, please log a bug so that the Retain team can investigate and fix the issue.

7.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: