Retain 4.9 Release Notes

December 2019

1.0 Introduction

This document outlines the new features and changes in Retain 4.9.

2.0 Installing Retain 4.9

For planning and installation instructions, see the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

3.0 Upgrading to Retain 4.9

To upgrade your system to Retain 4.9, the Retain server must be running Retain 4.9.

If you are running a version earlier than 4.8.1, follow the upgrade paths that are documented in Upgrade and Migration in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

4.0 New Features in Retain 4.9

  • RET-9319 - In a browser when a folder is selected, its font size increases, making it easier to spot.

  • RET-10648 - Database schema checking has been enhanced to prevent Retain from running against a schema with errors. In addition to the installation and update checks, Retain checks for potential problems each time the system starts. Manual checking is also available. For more detail, see Verify DB Schema in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

  • RET-11677, RET-11703, RET-12657 - Retain can now archive BBM Enterprise messages from BlackBerry UEM servers. For more detail, see Blackberry in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

  • RET-11936 - Index backup and optimization information has been moved from the Maintenance tab to the Index tab under Server Configuration. For more detail, see Indexing Engine Panel in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

  • RET-12344 - Retain user accounts can have membership in multiple Retain groups. For more detail, see Groups in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

  • RET-12485 - Health Mailboxes in Exchange and Office 365 are ignored by default.

  • RET-12654 - The setup wizard now displays a green background for steps that are completed.

  • RET-12684 - Enhanced security now supports only TLS 1.2 and newer. HTTPS is disabled when this requirement is not met.

  • RET-12714 - Retain now uses AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.5+10

  • RET-12440, RP-1530 - Reworked the reporting of nested messages so that the selected item count reported is the same in Retain and Publisher.

  • RM-590 - All Android RCS items are now fully supported for archiving in Retain

  • The Audit User Activity, Export Audit Table, and Device Management reports now include a CSV output option. Size-limitations are also available for these reports. For more detail, see the respective sections in Reports in the Retain 4.9 Installation and Administration guide.

  • External users are no longer synchronized from Office 365 address books (Microsoft GraphAPI).

5.0 Issues Resolved in Retain 4.9

Retain Server

  • Various security enhancements

  • RET-6238, RET-9531, RET-11506 - Changes to simplify the download of Retain Tools by most web browsers

  • RET-6987 - Google Apps profile would ignore some Advanced Criteria settings which resulted in archiving more messages than expected

  • RET-8618 - Corrected the disk space error value shown in the server log

  • RET-9594 - Permit specific response errors from Exchange to be ignored when processing recurring appointments

  • RET-9627 - Added translations for CSV Path in Exchange module

  • RET-10591 - RetainService was unable to register through the Message Router on Windows when the Router and Server were configured to communicate over port 80 on IIS

  • RET-11064 - Fix for error Failed to load class 'org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder' logged at startup

  • RET-11518 - Added translation for description in Social Media Governance module

  • RET-11956 Reverted to previous version Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server in order to permit login to Reporting & Monitoring

  • RET-12006 - Added KO and PL translations for options and tooltip under Data Collection

  • RET-12007 - Added translations for Re-encryption status

  • RET-12341 - Reduce the number of entries written to the Linux messages.log file when archiving from Google Apps

  • RET-12371 - In some instances, the Outlook Plugin installer would default to German

  • RET-12388 - The installer for Windows would not replace existing configuration information when the option to overwrite the existing configuration was selected

  • RET-12440, RP-1530 - Fix discrepancy in selected item count between Retain and Publisher

  • RET-12441 - Prevent facet count from displaying as (0) with wildcard searches

  • RET-12447 - Ignore user accounts defined in Office 365 that do not have email addresses and would generate a Cannot obtain uuid from server alert while archiving

  • RET-12483 - Optimize the auto discovery processes used for Exchange and Office 365

  • RET-12494 - Advanced search number of items empty

  • RET-12502 - Fix for No Autodiscover/Endpoint found! error with Exchange/Office 365 after switching from basic to OAuth authentication

  • RET-12552 - Ignore external user accounts defined in Office 365 that would generate Unknown Host Exception and No Autodiscover/Endpoint found! errors during address book synchronization with the GraphAPI

  • RET-12554, RET-12560 - Ensure that OAuth credentials are encrypted when stored

  • RET-12563 - Fix for ExchangeImpersonation SOAP header must be present for this type of OAuth token error when attempting to archive resource accounts using CSV files and OAuth authentication

  • RET-12640 - Fix for situation where search results would not return for some users when the Show shared folders feature was enabled in the GroupWise module

  • RET-12650 - Fix for SqlExceptionHelper: An attempt by a client to checkout a Connection has timed out and I/O error on POST request errors which would also cause decreased performance

  • RET-12652 - Performance enhancement in Worker when archiving from Exchange

  • RET-12711 - Corrected UI issue that could prevent Address Book information from being read from the CSV file during the initial configuration of the Exchange module

Retain Publisher

  • RP-1527 - Unable to view message body when opened on the bundled version of Viewer

Retain Service

  • RM-532 - Sent MMS messages were archived regardless of Item Source setting in the mobile profile

  • RM-533 - Received SMS & MMS messages were archived regardless of Item Source setting in the mobile profile

6.0 Known Issues

There are no major known issues.

7.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: