2.2 Creating Modules

Retain Modules are the foundation that links your messaging systems to Retain. Each module type is as unique as the system it connects.

Both Retain archiving models (Push-based and Pull-based) require messaging-system-specific modules. For Pull-based archiving, you cannot create Profiles or Jobs until after you create Modules for their respective systems.

Path: Retain Server Manager > Configuration > Module Configuration

Figure 2-2 The Module Configuration Page

Table 2-2 Using the Module Configuration Page

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Configure New Module

  1. Click the icon for the module you are configuring.

  2. Follow the instructions in the section for your messaging platform.

    Pull-based Modules are documented in this chapter, beginning with Archiving Blackberry Server Data.

    Push-based Modules are documented in Setting Up Push-Based Archiving, beginning with Archiving Android Messages and Call Information.