3.4 Account Linking

Account linking allows user accounts to be linked together. This is used when you have migrated from one email system to another and you wish to allow users to access their previous data.

A report may be downloaded by pressing the “Generate Account Reports” button.

If you want to allow one user to access the archived mailbox of another user, use the Mailboxes tab of Users Management section Mailboxes Tab.

There are two functions: Link accounts, which will bring accounts together and split accounts which will separate accounts.

3.4.1 Link Accounts

When you add a new email module Retain will ask you if you wish to link accounts. If you agree, you will be taken to the Account Linking page.

There are two ways to link accounts: automatically and manually.

Automatic Linking

Automatic linking will attempt to link accounts by a selected criteria.

  1. Select one of the criteria:

    • Match EMail Address

    • Match Display Name

    • Match by First and Last Name

  2. Press the “Start scanning with automated linker” button. Matches will be added to the Linking queue.

  3. You may select a different scan criteria and scan again.

  4. You may remove incorrect links by pressing the red X next to the account.

  5. Press the “Process linking queue” button to link the accounts.

Manual Linking

You may also link accounts manually. For example if the user had a name change during the migration.

  1. Select an account from the “Manually select accounts for linking:” pane, and press the “add” button. It will now appear in the “Accounts to be linked manually:” pane.

  2. Select another account and press “add.”

  3. Press the “Add to linking queue” button to add the selected accounts to the linking queue. You may press the red X to remove a link from the queue.

  4. Press the “Process linking queue” button to link the accounts in the queue.

Verify Linking

Verify that this worked by running an archive job on the new server with one of the linked or all accounts. You should see a drop down menu to switch between the accounts.

3.4.2 Split Accounts

Accounts may also be split so the archive mailboxes are no longer associated with each other.

Splitting Accounts Automatically

You may split all links between all accounts by pressing the “Split All” button at the bottom of the page.

Splitting Accounts Manually

Existing links will be shown under the “Manually select accounts for splitting:” pane.

Split all links between an account by pressing the “split” button next to one of the account.

Editing Links

Links between accounts may be edited:

  1. Select a link to edit from the “Manually select accounts for splitting:” pane

  2. Press “edit” next to one of the accounts to load it into the “Remove accounts from link:” pane. For this example Frigg was added incorrectly to Freyja.

  3. Press the “Apply changes” button to split the link.

  4. Verify by going into Browse Messages and changing to the Freyja account and finding no drop down menu to the other accounts.