3.7 Blackberry Device Management

3.7.1 Blackberry Device Management Overview

Retain supports archiving data from both Blackberry devices and devices running the BBM Enterprise system. Devices running the BBM Enterprise system can have their communication data archived through the BBM app, obtained from Blackberry.

You must first configure the Blackberry Module and Job. See Creating a Blackberry Moduleand Creating a Blackberry Job in the Retain 4.9.2: Archiving Guide.

The Blackberry device page displays all devices which have been registered into the Retain system. Native Blackberry and BBM Enterprise devices are displayed together. Retain registers Blackberry devices through log files from the BES server or through data sent by the device running the BBM Enterprise application. If a device is not yet registered, it is either not in the BES address book or no data has been archived for the device. The device list may be filtered for any specified content desired. In addition, devices may be selected for removal.

3.7.2 Blackberry Device Management

Adding Blackberry Devices

Blackberry devices are managed through the device management interface on the Blackberry page.

Devices are added automatically after an address book sync from the BES servers. You may click on columns to sort by ascending or descending, or search with the filter text field. Retain supports Blackberry Multiple Points of Presence, which has not been deployed by Blackberry Limited as of this release.

3.7.3 Deleting Blackberry Devices

Blackberry devices can be selected and deleted from Device Management enrollment by selecting one or more devices and pressing “Delete Device”.

3.7.4 Generating Reports

The Generate Report button will take open a new tab or window to the Reporting and Monitoring server and open a Device Management Report configuration page.

The Generate Report button will open a new Reporting and Monitoring: Generate report window, where a report can be created.

See Reporting and Monitoring Device Management Report Device Management for more information.