3.5 Device Management Overview

Retain manages Blackberry and mobile devices such as Android and iOS devices.

In the Device Manager Interface devices can be:

  • Added

  • Removed

  • Reported on

NOTE:Connection information from Server Configuration | Communications tab | Retain Server Connection panel will be used. If users will travel internationally, it is important to set the Retain Server Port to port 80 as port 48080 is blocked by telecom companies across borders.

3.5.1 Searching for Devices

Use the search text box to filter devices.

This is a “Starts with...” type of search. You may search by Enrollment Code, Display Name and Email Address.

Clicking on a column can change the sort direction.

3.5.2 Deleting Devices

The Delete Device button will only remove the selected device or devices from device management, but will not remove the data from the Retain archive.

To remove data you would have to use Data Removal as described in Deleting Data.

3.5.3 Generating Reports

The Generate Report button will take open a new tab or window to the Reporting and Monitoring server and open a Device Management Report configuration page.

See Reporting and Monitoring Device Management Report Device Management for more information.