10.6 Migration Options

The Cross-Empire Data Migration subsystem of Storage Manager for Active Directory provides the following options for migration:

10.6.1 Data and Security

This option migrates the data and the associated folder and file rights and trustee assignments specified in the identity map.

NOTE:The initial identity map referenced in Step 3 does not function as an identity map until you have appended entries to it.

The procedures that begin in Section 10.8, Performing a User to User Data Migration use the Data and Security option.

10.6.2 Data Only

This option migrates only the data and not the associated rights and trustee assignments. After you have migrated the data, you can later go back and apply the file rights and trustee assignments to the data through the Security Only option.

When data is migrated by using this option, file ownership is set according to the Storage Manager policy for the migration target. If there is no policy in place, the owner is the Storage Manager proxy user in Active Directory.

In the procedures included in the remainder of this section, the Copy Options - Rights and Ownership page is not applicable for a Data Only migration.

10.6.3 Security Only

This option migrates the rights and trustee assignments of data that has already been migrated. If the data to which the trustee assignments are assigned has not been migrated, the associated rights and trustee assignments for those files or folders are not migrated.

If you attempt to use this option and you have not created an identity map, you cannot proceed.

This option is frequently used when migrating the rights and trustee assignments from a single Novell or Micro Focus source to a remote Windows Server that does not have an installed Client for OES.