13.0 Enrolling a Device

ZENworks supports enrollment through:

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program: Applicable for DEP enabled iOS devices.

    NOTE:Enrollment of Apple TV devices using the Apple Device Enrollment Program is supported on an experimental basis.

  • Apple Configurator: Applicable for iOS devices

  • ZENworks User Portal: Applicable for iOS and Android devices, and other devices with ActiveSync capabilities (including Windows devices).

Before enrolling (registering) a device to the ZENworks Management Zone, you need to understand the different ways in which ZENworks can manage a device. This will help you in evaluating the manner in which the device needs to be managed, thereby enabling you to select the right enrollment options. These enrollment options can be configured in the Mobile Device Enrollment policy that needs to be assigned to the users before their devices are enrolled.

IMPORTANT:Before enrolling the devices, you need to ensure that the ZENworks 2017 release version is deployed on all the Primary Servers within your management zone.

NOTE:To deploy the work profile on Android devices, see Enrolling Devices in Work Profile Mode.

To unenroll the devices from ZENworks, see Unenrolling a Device.