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ZENworks 2020 Update 3

November 2022

This document provides information about all the guides that have been updated for this release and provides links for easy access to the updated content within each guide.

1.0 Guides Updated for ZENworks 2020 Update 3


Feature Update


Mobile Management

The Android bundles section is updated with the Android Enterprise App enhancements.

To view updates, see

Distributing Android Enterprise Apps

Remote Management Reference

The Remote Management Session includes the following enhancements:

  • Recording a Remote Session

  • ZENworks Chat

  • Reboot Reconnect

To view updates, see

System Requirements Reference

Updated the System Requirements

To view updates, see ZENworks System Requirements

Diagnostics and Probe Guide

A new section was added about active sessions in ZENworks Control Center.

To view updates, see ZENworks Control Center Active Sessions

Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference

Updated changes related to deployment packages and rebuilding packages.

To view updates, see Managing Deployment Packages

Software Distribution Reference

The guide was updated to include the new MSIx Windows bundle.

In the Requirement tab, the Show Summary button is introduced to view the summary.

In the bundle list page and new filters are introduced for disabled and sandbox bundles.

Devices, Bundles, or Policies can be searched using GUID on the respective listing page.

Bundle and Policy Summary pages include the Original Created Date, the Version Created Date, and the Modified Date.

System Updates Reference

A new section was added for the Tomcat split.

To view updates, see Configuring an Update

Preboot Services and Imaging Reference

A new section was added for the dockerisation of imaging of the Linux Primary Server.

To view updates, see Dockerisation of Imaging

Windows MDM Reference

Updated changes related to deployment packages and rebuilding packages.

Entire Reference

ZENworks Ondemand Content Reference

Ondemand Distribution of Content

Entire Reference

Getting Started with Advance Authentication

This document is a new ZENworks publication with information for configuring and using multi-factor authentication.

Entire Reference

Patch Management

Changes introduced in this release, have been updated in this guide.

Entire Reference

ZENworks Diagnostics and Probe Guide

In the Diagnostics page, administrators can monitor the active sessions.

ZENworks Diagnostics and Probe tool Overview

ZENworks Control Center Reference

Using ZCC Session Timeout setting administrators can choose a timeout value through UI instead of going through configuration files.

Changing the Timeout Value for ZENworks Control Center

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