1.62 Administrator View

Users with the Administrator Role can configure the customized settings within the application, enable or disable privileges and control the synchronization with third party tools.

The Administrator view has five tabs:

  • User - Allows the User to create accounts for Users and Customers, and also define User assignment templates for adding Users to multiple Teams and Escalation layers within the User Information screen

  • Reports - Provides the Administrator with real time System and Login reports. System logs can also be downloaded in the screen

  • My Account - The Administrator can view and configure their account details or create Alerts

  • Setup - Allows the Administrator to define how Customers and Users can interact with the system, customize the application and synchronize it with third party tools

  • Configuration Management System - Provides configuration access to Relationship Types, Warranty Durations and the Incident Analyzer, for Problem Management.

If an Administrator is assigned other User Roles within the system, they can access the Admin Portal when logged in using the different Role, by selecting the Setup link within the sub-menu bar of the User login screen or the Customer Portal Menu options.