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Identity, Security and Systems Management for Developers

Develop to eDirectory

Novell eDirectory® is the most widely used identity foundation for managing internal and web-based relationships between user identities, corporate assets, and security policies.

eDirectory, running on Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Solaris, NetWare®, and AIX, gives you the scalability to support business growth opportunities opened by the Internet and web services and delivers the agility and capability necessary to support today's market-leading secure identity management solutions. Learn more about the product or download eDirectory for development.

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Develop to Identity Manager

Novell Identity Manager (formerly DirXML®) is a key component of Novell's secure identity management solutions that enables universal data integration across technical and organizational boundaries, linking applications, data stores and network platforms, based on business policies.

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Develop to Sentinel

Novell Sentinel™ is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool that can provide comprehensive visibility into your enterprise's security posture, as well as provide automated workflow-based remediation for detected security violations. Sentinel is fully integrated with Identity Manager to provide Identity and Asset injection into security events, and can integrate with virtually any operating system, network device, database, or other service running in your enterprise. An NDK is available (soon!) for customers to create their own integration components with in-house custom applications.

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Novell Modular Authentication Service

Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) is a framework integrated with Novell eDirectory to authenticate users by different (and multiple) authentication methods. NMAS provides advanced security and flexibility by supporting all authentication types (face, finger, voice, iris, tokens, smart cards, and passwords) and by dynamically assigning authentication policies to users, groups, applications, and access methods.

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Novell AppArmor®

AppArmor is the most effective and easy-to-use Linux application security system available today. AppArmor proactively protects the operating system and applications from external or internal threats, even zero-day attacks, by enforcing good behavior and preventing even unknown application flaws from being exploited. AppArmor security policies completely define what system resources individual applications can access, and with what privileges. A number of default policies are included with AppArmor, and using a combination of advanced static analysis and learning-based tools, AppArmor policies for even very complex applications can be deployed successfully in a matter of hours.

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The Higgins Project

The Higgins Project is developing an extensible, platform-independent, identity protocol-independent, software framework to support existing and new applications that give users more convenience, privacy and control over their identity information. The initial motivation for Higgins was a desire to have systems that operated on behalf of the user – enabling the user to have more convenience, privacy and control over their identity and profile information. Because people want to share information differently in different contexts, (e.g. people share health information with a doctor, but not with a job search site), we realized that to build these types of applications there needed to be a framework that was aware of context and allowed information to be shared across contexts only in carefully controlled ways based on the underlying relationships. These goals have driven the design of our framework API, the plug-ins that enable information to be shared across multiple sources, and the development of a common user interface for the management and release of identity information.

YaST (Yet another Setup Tool)

YaST is the most powerful installation and system management tool in the Linux environment.

YaST safely guides you through the installation procedure. In many cases, a few clicks are all that is needed to install SUSE® LINUX on your machine. YaST automatically detects the available hardware and submits proposals for resizing any existing Windows installation.

With YaST you can configure the Internet connection, the graphical interface, and peripheral devices such as printers and scanners in no time. YaST is also a reliable helper for the user administration, security settings, and the installation of additional software.

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