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The Novell University for Developers

The Novell University for Developers is a collaborative initiative by developers, designed for developers to share their knowledge on how easy it is to create software on Novell's products and technologies. The content on this open community site is geared towards showing and doing using flash-based, interactive lessons, rather than articles or lengthy documentation.

 Linux System Development


 Linux Database Development


There are other Linux System Development tutorials available. Learn about building database-driven and aware application with these tutorials.


Linux Enterprise Development



System Administration and Scripting


If you build multi-tiered applications using J2EE and similar technologies you will want to examine these tutorials. If you need to use scripting (or any language) to build system management tools, these tutorials will help you.


Identity Management & Security



Linux Development Tools

If you want to learn how to build applications that utilize Identity management and are secure go here.  

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