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Misc Porting Tools

Misc Porting Tools

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux

VTune Performance Analyzer is a robust, enterprise-grade solution, even with large executables (100MB+) that other products are unable to profile. It analyzes applications on all sizes of systems based on Intel processors, from embedded systems through supercomputers. Read more

SUSE Linux Enterprise SDK

The SUSE LINUX Enterprise SDK is designed to support Developers, Independent Hardware and Software Vendors develop applications on and/or port them to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Products. It is an add-on product and requires either SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 or SUSE LINUX Desktop 9 to run. The multi-platform capability of SDK 9 ensures the availability of nearly all tools on all SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server platforms. Its most important features are Integrated Development Environments (IDE), libraries, support of major programming languages and additional development tools. Read more

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