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Apache Modules for NetWare

The Apache Web Server is the most widely used Web server on the Internet. Apache* Modules (or extensions to the Apache Web server) allow Apache to be customized and to take advantage of platform resources. This download includes binaries and source code for the following Apache 1.3.x modules:
  • MOD_NDS is an Apache module that allows the Web Server to take advantage of the security that is provided by the NetWare OS. It enforces file system rights as well as provides access to the NetWare authentication services.
  • AUTH_LDAP is an Apache authentication module that can be used to authenticate users against any LDAP compliant directory service.
  • MOD_HDIRS provides access to Novell eDirectory® based user home directories. This module allows Apache to resolve a user request by looking up the user's home directory in eDirectory.
  • MOD_RDIRS provides access to document directories that may not be on the same server as the Apache Web server. It allows administrators to publish HTML documents from any server within the same tree as the Apache Web server.
  • MOD_LCGI is a simple gateway between the Apache Web server and any module written to the LCGI API. It also provides access to all of the scripting languages on NetWare including PERL, Novell Script for NetWare, NetBasic, and Javascript.
  • MOD_DAV provides WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) functionality for the Apache Web server.


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October 2004

Updated the license.txt file.


Apache Modules for NetWare

The latest version of Apache 1.3.x Web Server for NetWare. See the Apache Foundation Web site for more information.

You need the latest Libraries for C and the latest LDAP Libraries for C - NetWare and Windows from the NDK.

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