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Beans, WebDAV Command

WebDAV Command Beans leverage the functionality of Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol (WebDAV), which is as easy to use as the JavaBean components. This set of Beans is mainly targeted for application developers that want to create custom applications. They also contain tools for content management and support all types of content, documents, images, and objects.

These Beans allow you to do the following:

  • Read the contents of resources managed by a WebDAV server.
  • Publish Web pages and documents to a WebDAV server.
  • Create, modify, read, and delete properties of resources managed by a WebDAV server.
  • Copy and move resources.
  • Lock data to prevent its loss when multiple users access the same resources.
  • Create and delete a collection, add and remove members to the collection, and list the members of the collection.

The WebDAV Beans provided by Novell include:

  • AuthenticateWebDAV
  • CopyWebDAVResource
  • CreateWebDAVCollection
  • CreateWebDAVResource
  • DeleteWebDAVResource
  • ListWebDAVCollectionMembers
  • LockWebDAVResource
  • ModifyWebDAVProperties
  • MoveWebDAVResource
  • ReadWebDAVProperties
  • ReadWebDAVResource
  • UnauthenticateWebDAV
  • UnlockWebDAVResource


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