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Junetsu Designer Plugin

The Designer plugin for Junetsu provides similar functionality as the Administrative and Quarantine web applications, but provides it in the more rich Designer interface. It also allows configuration and deployment of the various drivers used for Junetsu.


  • Registration Search: search by user name, MAC address, IP address, infection status and all other relevant fields.
  • History Search: search by all relevant fields also.
  • Remove Registrations (coming soon)
  • Live Reporting (coming soon)



Junetsu Registration Search Example 1 Junetsu Registration Search 1

Junetsu Registration Search Example 2 Junetsu Registration Search 2

Junetsu Registration Search Example 3 Junetsu Registration Search 3

Junetsu History Search Example 1 Junetsu History Search 1

Junetsu History Search Example 2 Junetsu History Search 2

Get a quick history of a selected IP address, MAC address or User DN Junetsu Quick History

Delete a network registration Junetsu Delete Registration

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