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ODI LAN Driver Components

ODI LAN Driver Components combines Novell ODI driver specifications, support modules, and sample source code to enable you to write ODI LAN drivers that will function correctly and efficiently with Novell server and client products. Specifications and support modules for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) driver development are also included.

You can use these components, along with the LAN Test Tools for NetWare (ODI/CIOS), to help your application qualify for the Novell YES CERTIFIED program, which makes you eligible to receive bulletins and use the Novell Yes logo with tested and approved products.


Your use of these files is subject to the Novell Developer License Agreement unless different license terms accompany the file itself, in which case those terms govern.




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February 2004

Rebuilt all downloads to include changes to license.txt and Readme files.


ODI LAN Driver Components

ODI LAN Driver Components requires:


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