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Personal Directory (previously Leading Edge 138)

Novell Personal Directory provides the industry-leading directory infrastructure in a client environment, extending the management domain of Novell eDirectory® to client systems that may be temporarily disconnected from the network.

Novell Personal Directory enables all of a user's personal information to be stored and managed in an LDAP-based personal directory, under the direct control of the individual. It further provides controlled sharing of such information to external parties (individuals or organizations).

Novell Personal Directory includes support for the LDAPv3 APIs. It does not depend on an external server, but it can leverage one if it exists. Novell LDAP Libraries for C - NetWare and Windows can be downloaded from the NDK (

Developers can use Personal Directory to:

  • Enable server-based LDAP applications to continue to work in remote, disconnected mode. This is done using the LDAP proxy capability.
  • Create a new class of personal, peer-to-peer applications that leverage the directory on the client.
  • Test, demo, and pilot their LDAP applications, tools and utilities, without needing to connect to a server system.

Novell Personal Directory is currently available for Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 workstations.


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