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Pervasive.SQL Software Developer Kit

Under an agreement between Novell and Pervasive Software*, the Pervasive.SQL* 2000 database engine will be distributed with future versions of NetWare®;. To reduce your costs and shorten development time, DeveloperNet members can download, free of charge, the Pervasive.SQL Software Developer Kit (SDK). The SDK builds on previous generations of the Pervasive.SQL SDK to deliver you the latest industry-standard tools and components.

Pervasive.SQL is available in both server and workgroup editions and is built on a common code base to provide consistent functionality from the 32-bit single-user workgroup engine to the unlimited-user server engine. Because you can write an application once and deploy it across multiple platforms, you enjoy simplified development configurations, deployment flexibility, reduced QA time, and seamless scalability from the laptop to large multi-user implementations. Pervasive.SQL is a high performance, embedded, small-footprint database solution requiring minimal DBA resources.

Components and Interfaces:

  • 100% Pure Java* JDBC* and Java-class libraries significantly reduce the complexity of developing Web and portable applications.
  • ActiveX enables you to create powerful client/server database applications in any language or environment that supports ActiveX technology
  • OLE DB for tight integration with ADO and Visual Studio.
  • Delphi/C++ Builder interface providing a Visual Component library to speed database development
  • PDAC components for the Delphi/C++ Builder environments
  • (Pervasive Direct Access Components)
  • A high speed SQL optimizer supporting standard ODBC SQL syntax ensures application portability and interoperability by providing a high-performance 32-bit seamless connection to your favorite ODBC environment
  • Btrieve - native interface for low level direct access to the database
  • Distributed Tuning Interface (DTI) provides the developer with a high level integration with the Pervasive.SQL database engine.

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What's New

February 2004

Rebuilt downloads to include changes to license.txt and Readme files.


Pervasive.SQL Software Developer Kit

The Pervasive.SQL SDK requires Windows* 98/ME/NT*/2000/XP, 60 MB free hard disk space, and 16 MB RAM.


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