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SNMP Developer Components

SNMP Developer Components allows you to develop NLMs that are manageable by SNMP. Once you make information about your NLM accessible to SNMP, any SNMP remote client can be used to manage it. SNMP Developer Components consists of an NLM that performs two major functions:

  • Performs SNMP Get, GetNext, and Set requests on managed information, at the request of SNMP remote clients
  • Builds and sends SNMP traps on behalf of requesting entities

SNMP Developer Components performs operations only at the request of other software entities, such as remote clients or applications that make data available to it. It does not actively manage information and is transport-independent. The current version can receive and send SNMP information over the IPX, IP, and AppleTalk* DDP protocols.

Using SNMP Developer Components, you can proceed with confidence even if you have minimal knowledge of how SNMP works.


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June 2006


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SMS Developer Components for SUSE LINUX

The SUSE LINUX installs requires the SMS software included with Novell Products.


This is an unsupported component. We strongly recommend that you do not select components from this page and begin to use them in a production environment.

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