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Storage Architecture Components (Media Manager and NWPA)

Storage Architecture Components (incl. Media Manager and NWPA) consists of the specifications for both:

  • Media Manager Standardizes the access to and manipulation of storage objects, such as hard drives, tape drives, removable media, and auto-changers. With Media Manager, you can build storage applications without being concerned with the details of diverse device operations or other I/O subsystems. File systems, backup/restore utilities, and disaster recovery utilities are all examples of applications that use Media Manager.
  • NetWare Peripheral Architecture (NWPA) Standardizes the access between NetWare® and host bus adapters (HBAs) and devices. NWPA aids you in providing high-quality HBA and device drivers for NetWare in conjunction with the Storage Test Tools and intensive Novell YES CERTIFIED testing program. This compatibility enables you to widen the market for your SCSI or EIDE/ATA products.


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What's New

October 2006


No changes.


Added values to the NetWare Partition Types, IO Object Types, and IO Object Status sections.


No changes.


Storage Architecture Components (incl. Media Manager and NWPA)

To install and use Storage Architecture Components, you need the latest Novell Client.


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