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Tomcat for Novell Services

Tomcat, an Apache Software Foundation project, is the reference implementation for Servlet and JSP parts of J2EE specification.

Tomcat for Novell Services exists in the following forms:

Product Tomcat Version NetWare 63.2.2, 3.3 NetWare 6.54.1 Novell Linux Services 1.0     4.1

In addition, with Novell Services on NetWare and Linux you get the Apache Web Server for NetWare or Apache Web Server for Linux, the most widely used Web server on the Internet.

The nature of open source projects means frequent updates and active development. The links and information here are provided to support Novell DeveloperNet subscribers in getting to the latest and greatest on Web-based services support.

Administrating Tomcat

Developing Tomcat and/or Web Applications


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