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WinSock 2 Developer Components for NetWare

WinSock Developer Components for NetWare is being deprecated. Please use Libraries for C (LibC) instead. LibC contains a new header file, novsock2.h, which replaces the ws2nlm.h header files contained in this software download. Also, LibC contains all of the WinSock 2 header files that you need for development so that it is no longer necessary to download the WinSock 2 SDK from Microsoft*.

WinSock 2 Developer Components for NetWare provides header files and documentation to create WinSock 2 programs for NetWare.

WinSock 2 provides a protocol-independent transport layer so that applications can be written once and work with TCP/IP or IPX/SPX(R) or any other transport that might be available. It provides protocol-independent name resolution facilities, overlapped I/O with scatter gather, multicast and multipoint, as well as other features.

Other protocols and interfaces available on the NDK include:


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June 2003

Moved to unsupported.

WinSock 2 Developer Components for NetWare

WinSock 2 Developer Components for NetWare requires WS295SDK.EXE from the Microsoft WinSock2 SDK.

WinSock 2 Developer Components is needed for NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (CLib) development. If you are developing with Libraries for C (LibC), the LibC download has the required headers for WinSock 2.0 development. For LibC development, include the novsock2.h header file (rather than the ws2nlm.h header file).

Depending upon your version of NetWare, you need the following support packs and updates:

SSL and SASL encryption libraries work on NetWare 5.1 SP2 or higher (including NetWare 6).


This is an unsupported component. We strongly recommend that you do not select components from this page and begin to use them in a production environment.

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