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Novell Collaboration Portlets

The portlets and source are finally available for download. Download the portlet war files below. The txt files include instructions on how to deploy the portlets in JBoss and Liferay.

Feel free to download the source code and hack away. If you have any changes, please submit then to the project maintainer. We are especially interested in contributions that help the portlets run on other portals.

The project includes the following portlets

  • GroupWise Mail
  • GroupWise Calendar
  • NetStorage
  • Bookmark
  • iFrame
  • Lotus Notes
  • Query

Most of these portlets are based off old NPS gadget code. Since then they have been ported to run under Extend Director, and now modified to be really JSR-168 compliant and run under Liferay/JBoss. The GroupWise portlets have been completely rewritten to use the GroupWise SOAP apis, instead of custom templates through GW WebAccess.

File Releases

NovellCollabPortletsJBoss-1.1.war - 2008-04-10
NovellCollabPortletsLiferay-1.1.war - 2008-04-10
buildportlets.txt - 2008-05-01
deployJBoss.txt - 2008-05-01
deployliferay.txt - 2008-05-01
deployteaming.txt - 2008-05-09

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