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Online Update for SLE 10 SP1

By default, Novell offers several possibilities to perform an update. The update can be done as a system update, an online migration or via a PatchCD. This document describes how to update your running system with patches.


using zen-updater

  1. start zen-updater from the system tray
  2. select the "move-to-sles10-sp1" patch
  3. press the "Update" button
  4. wait for success message
  5. a small popup will appear informing about changing the update server to
  6. later, a popup asking to provide root password will appear
  7. after installing maintenance stack update, a window with patch selection will appear.
  8. Select/unselect the required patches and press 'Accept'
  9. reboot, after the update has finished

using YaST

  1. start Online-Update module from YaST control center
  2. select the optional move-to-sles10-sp1 (or move-to-sled10-sp1) patch
  3. start Online-Update module from YaST control center
  4. select now only the patch with the name "YOU update for YaST2" (it should be the only patch that is preselected)
  5. now update all other packages. After this, your system is on SP1 level.
  6. reboot

using rug

  1. run 'rug in -y -t patch switch-update-server'
  2. run '/usr/bin/switch-update-server'
  3. check that your update server is now (call 'rug sl' to find out)
  4. run 'rug sub SLES10-Updates'
  5. run 'rug in -y -t patch move-to-sles10-sp1' (or 'rug in -y -t patch move-to-sled10-sp1' accordingly)
  6. 'rug refresh'
  7. 'rug sub SLES10-SP1-Online' (or 'rug sub SLED10-SP1-Online' accordingly)
  8. run 'rug in -y -t patch slesp1o-liby2util-devel' (or 'rug in -y -t patch sledp1o-liby2util-devel' accordingly)
  9. 'rczmd restart'
  10. run 'rug up' followed by
  11. 'rug in -y -t patch product-sles10-sp1' (or 'rug in -y -t patch product-sled10-sp1' accordingly) to install the update stack patch
  12. reboot


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