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Solaris to Linux Porting Tools

Solaris to Linux Porting Tools

Migration Kit for Solaris OS to Linux - Provided by IBM

The migration kit for Solaris operating system (OS) to Linux is a no charge as is set of software tools and porting guides available to IBM Business Partners to assist in their Solaris to Linux migration opportunities. These tools are designed to help Business Partners quickly migrate or assess the technical issues they will face in moving applications from Solaris OS to Linux on IBM eServer platforms. ISVs who use the migration kit to port an application from Solaris to Linux should also take advantage of IBMs Chiphopper program to certify their applications to the Linux LSB and across eServer platforms. Read more

Solaris-Linux Porting Kit - Provided by HP

The Solaris-Linux Porting Kit (SLPK) is a porting environment for enterprise businesses to automate Solaris to Linux migration - further reducing the TCO of a Linux solution. Read more

binaryScan - Provided by HP

The Solaris-to-Linux binaryScan utility is used during the planning phase of a Solaris to Linux transition. It scans dynamically linked Solaris executables on the Solaris operating system and produces a report that highlights the number and nature of compatibility issues with Linux. The database included with the Solaris-to-Linux binaryScan utility covers major Solaris libraries including libc, libsocket, libthread and libpthread. Read more

IBM alphaWorks PortingManager tool

Abstract from website: PortingManager is a tool that provides assistance when porting C and C++ Solaris applications to Linux platforms, including zSeries Linux. It includes a GUI that displays a work area window where the user selects a source code directory tree to scan. PortingManager will then scan the source code and automatically identify Solaris APIs that may be incompatible with Linux. It provides Linux solutions for these incompatibilities, either in the form of API replacements or suggested work-arounds using coding examples. Read more

IBM's Solaris to Linux Technical Porting Guide

Abstract from website: Solaris and Linux are loosely related to UNIX, so they ought to be a lot alike, right? Not so - the differences pose a great many "gotchas." Let this technical porting guide show you the ropes for porting your Solaris application to the Linux platform. Read more

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