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UNIX to Linux Porting Tools

UNIX to Linux Porting Tools

SCO/Linux Transition Guide

This is not a porting guide; this is a transition guide: a guide to the major differences between SCO and Linux that anyone familiar with one may find confusing about the other. As both OS'es are themselves always in transition, some of this material will change quickly. I'll keep it up to date as best I can, of course. Mostly this article concerns SCO OSR5 and not Unixware; in some places I've noted differences but not always. Read more

Case Study - Migrating HP-UX to Linux

Abstract: Case study that describes the issues related to porting a software-based solution from HP-UX to Linux.

From VMS to Linux HOWTO

Abstract from web site: This HOWTO is aimed at all those who have been using VMS and now need or want to switch to Linux, the free UNIX clone. The transition is made (hopefully) painless with a step--to--step comparison between commands and available tools. Read more

VMS to UNIX and Linux Migration Strategies

Abstrace from web site: The present document is designed as a general purpose guide to migration of accounts, data, programs and mail from VMS to UNIX and Linux and is based on the results of the migration of the off-line programs and data from VMS to True64UNIX and then to RH7.3 Linux for the LVD experiment, a challenging task due to the amount of data archived in VMS binary format and the use of VMS RTL routines. Read more

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