1.2 How Designer Works with Identity Manager

Designer for Identity Manager is a powerful, graphical toolset that works on Windows* or Linux workstations or laptops. Designer is self-contained, with a complete help system as part of the software. This allows you to take a laptop anywhere to work on your Identity Manager solution.

Designer helps you plan, design, test, document, and deploy Identity Manager solutions in a network or test environment. Designer does this through a series of windows called “views,” as well as a number of builders, wizards, and editors.

Figure 1-2 The Outline View, Modeler, and Palette in Designer

1.2.1 Planning

  • Designer allows you to set up complete Identity Manager solutions in a test environment so you can work through any problems before deploying the solution into an actual work environment.

  • The Project view has directories that allow you to use drag and drop to store plans, documents, and figures pertaining to your Identity Manager solution.

  • For more information on planning your Identity Manager solution, see Section 6.0, Planning Identity Solutions.

1.2.2 Designing

1.2.3 Testing

  • Designer allows you to modify your Identity Manager implementations in a test environment to ensure that they perform as expected.

  • Designer is team-enabled, allowing teams to share work on enterprise-level projects. Through the Version Control view, teams can work on the same solutions, share policy procedures, and keep track of who make changes to objects. For more information on the Version Control view, see Version Control in the Designer 3.0.1 for Identity Manager 3.6 Administration Guide.

1.2.4 Project Documentation

  • Designer keeps track of your design and layout information in a project and can present that information in a format of your choosing with the simple click of a button.

  • Using Designer to document your Identity Manager solution can save you weeks or months of gathering and writing driver specifications and their implementations. For more information on documenting your projects, see Documenting Projects in the Designer 3.0.1 for Identity Manager 3.6 Administration Guide.

1.2.5 Deployment