8.0 Creating an Expandable Filr Deployment

IMPORTANT:Filr 3.4 is available as an online update to Filr 3.0, MySQL 3.0, and Filr Search 3.0 appliances or later.

  • To Install a New Filr 3.4 Appliance: You must install and configure Filr 3.0, and then apply the 3.4 updates. To apply the Filr 3.4 updates, see Section 11.0, Updating to Filr 3.4.

Figure 8-1 illustrates the general order for deploying Filr components. Letters reference brief component/process descriptions in the table that follows.

The first process (shared storage) was completed in Section 4.0, Setting Up Shared Storage and illustrated in Figure 4-1.

The illustrations that follow are to help you track deployment progress.

Figure 8-1 Creating an Expandable Deployment



Exported NFS Directory or CIFS Share: All of the Filr appliances in an expandable deployment share this directory, which stores

  • Mutually accessed configuration files

  • Personal storage

  • Temporary files used by upload and conversion processes

  • HTML renderings

Filr Software: You download Filr software that you then deploy as a boot/system disk on your VM host server.

SQL Database: Each Filr appliance in an expandable deployment accesses the same SQL database. If available, an SQL server should be used, but if that is not an option, the MySQL appliance can be deployed in its place.

Filrsearch Appliances: Micro Focus best practices require that each Filr cluster be configured with two Filrsearch appliances.

Filr Appliances: By definition, a Filr cluster must contain at least two Filr appliances. Micro Focus recommends three Filr appliances with the third appliance dedicated to Net Folder synchronization and maintaining the search index.

Additional Filr Appliances: More Filr appliances can be included as the service load increases.

To create an expandable Filr deployment, complete the following sections in the order presented.