gwadminutil-reclaim (1)


gwadminutil-reclaim - The GroupWise Administration Utility database reclaim option


          gwadminutil reclaim path


Reclaims unused database space. As you add information to a GroupWise system, the databases increase in size. If you delete information, the space that was created in the databases for the deleted information is not immediately released. When you reclaim the disk space, it can reduce the size of the database.


Usage Options:


Removes unused space from the database at the specified location.

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Script file that runs GWAdminUtil.


This program normally runs as root.

gwadminutil reclaim /gwsystem/provo1

Removes unused space from the domain database for the Provo1 domain.

gwadminutil reclaim /gwsystem/engineering

Removes unused space from the post office database for the Engineering post office.