gwadminutil-convert (1)


gwadminutil-convert - The GroupWise Administration Utility database convert option.


          gwadminutil convert -d path -p path


Promotes a secondary domain to a primary domain in your GroupWise system. When you do this, the current primary domain is demoted to a secondary domain. The MTA and POA must be running to perform this conversion.

This task requires direct file access to both databases. For that reason, it is not available in the Admin console, which provides direct file access to one domain database through the Admin Service for that domain.


Usage Options:

-d /path_to_secondary_domain

Specifies the path to the secondary domain that you want to promote to the primary domain.

-p /path_to_primary_domain

Specifies the path to the primary domain that you want to convert into a secondary domain.

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Script file that runs GWAdminUtil.


This program normally runs as root.

gwadminutil -convert -d /gwsystem/provo2 -p /gwsystem/provo1

Promotes the Provo2 secondary domain to be the primary domain and converts the original Provo1 primary domain into a secondary domain.