gwadminutil-validate (1)


gwadminutil-validate - The GroupWise Administration Utility database validate option


gwadminutil validate path


Checks a database to determine if there are any physical problems with the database.

If there are any physical problems, you can rebuild or recover the database to correct them. You should validate the data in databases on a regular basis. This process takes just a few minutes and does not interrupt normal operation. The frequency can vary depending on the size of your system and the number of changes you make to users, resources, and groups.


Usage Options:


Specifies the path to the domain database to validate.

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Script file that runs GWAdminUtil.


This program normally runs as root.

gwadminutil validate /gwsystem/provo1

Validates the Provo1 domain database.

gwadminutil validate /gwsystem/engineering

Validates the Engineering post office database.