14.0 Understanding the Update Process

You can update a Novell GroupWise 5.x, 6.x, 7, or 8 system to GroupWise 2012.

NOTE:To update a GroupWise 4.x system to GroupWise 2012, you must first update the system to at least GroupWise 5.x. The functionality to update from GroupWise 4.x is not part of the GroupWise 2012 Administrator snap-ins to ConsoleOne.

If you are not updating from GroupWise 8, review Section 26.0, Updating Earlier GroupWise Systems to Version 2012 before beginning the update process.

Before you begin updating any aspect of your GroupWise system to GroupWise 2012, review the following sections to help you plan a successful update strategy:

IMPORTANT:After you understand the update process in general, you are ready to update specific components of your existing GroupWise system. Do not start updating your GroupWise system until you have a solid understanding of the entire process.

For a large GroupWise system, you might need to maintain a mixed-version environment as you roll out GroupWise 2012. For a table showing which GroupWise 7 and 8 components can be used with GroupWise 2012, see Section A.0, GroupWise Version Compatibility.