F.1 September 20, 2012 (GroupWise 2012 Support Pack 1)



Understanding Shared Folders

Clarified that the maximum amount of subfolders which can be shared in a single top-level folder is 400.

Saving Attached Files

Explained how to change the default file location for saving attachments.

Changing How All-Day Events Are Displayed

Explained how to change the way that All-Day Events are displayed in your calendar.

Section 4.9.1, Publishing Restrictions

Explained that Proxy Calendars cannot be published, but calendars accessed while using the Proxy feature can be published.

Exporting Addresses from the Address Book

Explained why .nab and .vcf file types are preferred when exporting address books.

Section 10.1, Understanding Proxy Access

Added a section to explain differences when using Proxy Access.

Section 17.1, Sending SMS Text Messages

Added a note about possible differences in the way that cellular carriers must be configured in different regions.

Section 4.11.1, Setting Up a Calendar to View Multiple Users or Resources

Added information on using colors to differentiate the appointments of different users and resources in the Multi-User Calendar.