30.0 Planning GroupWise in a Heartbeat Cluster

The majority of this part of the GroupWise 7 Interoperability Guide (Section 30.0, Planning GroupWise in a Heartbeat Cluster through Section 36.0, Backing Up a GroupWise System in a Heartbeat Cluster) is designed for those who are creating a new GroupWise® system, or at least new domains and post offices, in a Heartbeat cluster on Linux.

If you already have an existing GroupWise 7 system on Linux and need to configure it to work in a newly installed Heartbeat cluster, see Section 38.0, Moving an Existing Linux GroupWise 7 System into a Heartbeat Cluster.

When you implement a new GroupWise system or a new domain or post office in a clustering environment, overall GroupWise system design does not need to change substantially. For a review, see Installing a Basic GroupWise System in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide. However, the configuration of individual components of your GroupWise system will be significantly different. This section helps you plan the following GroupWise components in a Heartbeat cluster:

The Heartbeat Clustering Worksheet and the System Clustering Worksheet list the information you need as you set up GroupWise in a Heartbeat cluster. You should print the worksheets and fill them out as you complete the tasks listed below:

After you have completed the tasks and filled out the Heartbeat Clustering Worksheet and the System Clustering Worksheet, you are ready to continue with Section 31.0, Setting Up a Heartbeat Cluster.