1.8 Understanding GroupWise Item Types

Every day you communicate in a variety of ways. To accommodate these needs, GroupWise delivers your items using a variety of item types.

1.8.1 Mail

A mail message is for basic correspondence, such as a memorandum or letter. See Section 3.1, Sending E-Mail and Section 3.3, Receiving E-Mail.

1.8.2 Appointment

An appointment lets you invite people to and schedule resources for meetings or events. You can schedule the date, time, and location for the meeting. You can use posted appointments to schedule personal events such as a doctor’s appointment, a reminder to make a phone call at a certain time, and so forth. Appointments display on the Calendar. See Section 4.3, Sending Calendar Items.

1.8.3 Task

A task lets you place a to-do item on your own or on another person’s Calendar after the item has been accepted. You can schedule a due date for the task and include a priority (such as A1). Uncompleted tasks are carried forward to the next day. See Section 5.3.1, Assigning a Task.

HINT:You can also create a Tasklist that is not associated with your Calendar. In this type of Tasklist, any item type (mail, appointment, task, reminder note, phone message) can be used.

1.8.4 Reminder Note

A reminder note is posted on a specific date on your own or another person’s Calendar. You can use reminder notes to remind yourself or others of deadlines, holidays, days off, and so forth. See Section 4.3.3, Sending Reminder Notes.

1.8.5 Phone Message

A phone message helps you inform someone of a phone call or visitor. You can include such information as caller, phone number, company, urgency of the call, and so forth. You cannot answer your phone from a phone message. See Sending Phone Messages.