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Kablink Vibe 3.3

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Kablink Vibe brings together people and the content they need to do their jobs. Users create workspaces and invite others to participate- from within or outside organizational boundaries. Virtual teams can easily and securely manage, share, locate, and access documents, calendars, discussion forums, wikis, and blogs. Powerful workflow functions can track project status and progress. Team workspaces enable enterprise social networking, with team members chosen not by their proximity, but for their expertise.

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Getting Started view size last update
Kablink Vibe Quick Start  html   pdf  .5 MB 06/14/2012
Kablink Vibe Readme  html   pdf  .5 MB 06/14/2012
Installation view size last update
Kablink Vibe Installation Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 06/14/2012
- Product Overview  html 
- Basic Installation  html 
- Advanced Installation and Reconfiguration  html 
- Multi-Server Configurations and Clustering  html 
- Update  html 
Administration view size last update
Kablink Vibe Administration Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 06/14/2012
- Site Setup  html 
- Site Maintenance  html 
- Interoperability  html 
- Site Security  html 
User Guides view size last update
Kablink Vibe User Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 06/14/2012
Kablink Vibe Advanced User Guide  html   pdf  2.5 MB 06/14/2012
Developer Documentation view size last update
Kablink Vibe Developer Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 05/08/2012

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