G.0 Access Manager Audit Events and Data

The sections contains all the NovellĀ® audit events logged by Access Manager. Each event has the EventID, Description, Originator Title, Target Title, Subtarget Title, Text1 Title, Text2 Title, Text3 Title, Value1 Title, Value1 Type, Group Title, Data Length, and Data Type values stored. Each field contains a single character token (such as B, U, Y, and so on) that represent the data fields of the audit event, with each letter representing a different data field. The mapping of the character tokens to data fields is found in the nids_en.lsc and sslvpn_en.lsc files.

Novell Access Manager is listed among the log applications on the General tab on the Logging Server Options page (Auditing and Logging > Logging Server Options). You can view events on the Event list page in Auditing and Logging > Logging Server Options > [Name of Novell Audit Secure Logging Server] > Novell Access Manager > Events.

When you run an SQL query (Auditing and Logging > Queries > [Name] > Run), the system displays the results on the Query Results page. The EventID column displays the description of the event. Below, the event ID is listed with the description, to help you quickly locate the data for each audit event. For instructions on how to set up Novell Audit to use an SQL database and generate queries, see Creating Novell Audit Queries in the Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Setup Guide.

This section discusses the following audit events: