2.8 VMware ESX Requirements

The VMware* ESX Server version 2.5.3 and higher is a supported platform for Access Manager, but your VMware machine must have enough resources. You need to dedicate the minimum requirements that a physical machine would require for the Access Manager component. To have performance comparable to a physical machine, you need to increase the memory and CPU requirements.

For the hard disk, RAM, and CPU requirements, see the requirements for the individual components:

2.8.1 Installation and Configuration Tips

Keeping Time Synchronized on the Access Manager Devices

Even when the devices are configured to use a network time protocol server, time does not stay synchronized because the devices periodically lose their connection to the NTP server. The easiest solution is to configure the Administration Console to use an NTP server and have the other devices use a cron job to synchronize their time with the Administration Console.

Add the following command to the /etc/crontab file of the device:

*/5 * * * *     root  /usr/sbin/ntpdate -u >/dev/null 2>&1

Replace with the IP address of your Administration Console.

Graphical Install for the Linux Access Gateway

To perform a graphical install:

  1. Insert the Linux Access Gateway CD into the CD drive.

    The boot screen appears.

  2. Add the following command to the Boot Options line:

  3. Select the type of install.

    For installation instructions, see Section 5.0, Installing the Linux Access Gateway.