9.3 Upgrading from Access Manager 3.1 to 3.1 SP2

Your Access Manager components have 3.1 installed if they display a version number between and You need to upgrade all components to SP2 before you migrate components to SLES 11 or Windows Server 2008.

The upgrade from 3.1 to 3.1 SP2 uses the standard processes used in the other Access Manager support pack releases.

There are some new processes you need to be aware of and some additional configuration steps.

Administration Console: Before you upgrade the Administration Console, check for the following potential issues:

Identity Server: Before you upgrade the Identity Server, check for the following potential issues:

Access Gateway Appliance: Before you upgrade the Access Gateway Appliance, check for the following potential issues:

9.3.1 Configuration Changes to the SSL VPN Server Installed with the Access Gateway Appliance

After you have upgraded the SSL VPN server installed along with the Access Gateway Appliance, you must modify the existing path-based service accelerating the SSL VPN server as follows:

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > [Name of Reverse Proxy].

  2. In the Proxy Service List section, click the SSL VPN service that you have configured.

  3. Select the Web Servers tab. Click the IP address link from the Web Server List section.

  4. Change the IP address to, which is the loopback IP address.

    Originally, the public IP address of SSL VPN was configured as the IP address of the Web server.

  5. Click OK when prompted to the purge cache.

  6. Click OK, then click Update on the Configuration page to save your modifications.