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Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 is the most trusted platform for enterprise file-and-print networks, built on the most advanced Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. (For NetWare documentation, see the NetWare 6.5 SP8 Online Documentation.)

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administration guides view last update
AFP html pdf 01/28/2014
Archive and Version Services html pdf 01/28/2014
Certificate Server 8.8.8 html pdf 09/16/2013
CIFS html pdf 05/31/2016
Cluster Services (NCS) html pdf 01/28/2014
Cluster Services in a VMware environment html pdf 01/28/2014
Consulting Best Practices Guide (AutoYaST and ZCM) html pdf 01/28/2014
Distributed Files Services (DFS) html pdf 01/28/2014
DNS/DHCP html pdf 01/28/2014
Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) html pdf 01/28/2014
DSfW Best Practices Guide html pdf
Dynamic Storage Technology (DST) html pdf 01/13/2015
eDirectory 8.8.8 html
File System Management html pdf 01/28/2014
FTP html
Identity Manager 4.0.2 html
Identity Manager 4.0.2 for eDirectory html pdf 06/22/2012
Identity Manager for Legacy NDS html
iFolder 3.9.2 html pdf 01/28/2014
iManager html pdf
iPrint html pdf 05/31/2016
iPrint Health Monitor html pdf 01/28/2014
iSCSI (see the SLES 11 documentation) html
Kanaka for Mac html pdf 08/14/2013
Linux POSIX Volume Administration Guide html pdf 07/31/2013
Linux Tips for NetWare Admins html pdf 01/28/2014
Linux User Management (LUM) html pdf 01/28/2014
Login Script Guide html pdf 06/2010
Macintosh, Kanaka Guide html pdf 08/14/2013 html
MySQL (clustering) html
NCP Server for Linux html pdf 01/28/2014
NetIQ Modular Authentication Service 8.8.8 html pdf
NetStorage html pdf 01/28/2014
Novell Client 1.1 (Linux) html
Novell Client 1.2 (Linux) html
Novell Client 2 (Linux) html
Novell Client 2 SP1 (Linux) html
Novell Client 2 SP2 (Linux) html
Novell Client 2 SP3 (Linux) html
Novell Client SLE SP1 (Linux html
Novell Client (Windows XP/2003) html
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7/Vista html
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 7 html
Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7/8 and Server 2012 html
Novell Customer Center User html pdf 03/08/2009
Novell FTP html
Novell LVM html pdf 01/28/2014
Novell Remote Manager (NRM) html pdf 08/26/2014
Novell Storage Services (NSS) html pdf 01/28/2014
NSS Auditing (VLOG) html pdf 01/28/2014
OES 2 html
OpenSSH html
Password Management html pdf 04/30/2012
Pervasive.SQL html
QuickFinder Server Administration Guide html pdf 01/28/2014
Samba Administration Guide html pdf 01/28/2014
Small Footprint CIMOM Broker html
SLES 11 SP3 html pdf 07/01/2013
Storage and File Services Overview html pdf 01/28/2014
Storage Management Services (SMS) html pdf 08/26/2014
TCP/IP html
Virtualization (KVM) html pdf 11/18/2013
Virtualization (XEN) html pdf 07/21/2013
Web Services and Applications html pdf 01/28/2014
licensing view last update
Planning and Implementation Guide html pdf
previous releases view last update
OES 11 SP1 pdf
OES 11 pdf
troubleshooting view last update
eDirectory 8.8.8 html pdf

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