7.0 Configuring QuickFinder Server Default and Services Settings

Before you start creating virtual search servers and building indexes for them, you might want to modify the global settings of your search server, which affect all virtual search servers you create.

QuickFinder Server Manager’s home page displays a list of all virtual search servers that exist on your QuickFinder Server (see Figure 7-1). This home page is called Global Settings because the changes you make from this page affect all new virtual search servers that you create, and they also affect the functionality of the servlets that provide the QuickFinder services.

Figure 7-1 QuickFinder Server Virtual Search Global Settings Page

For instructions about accessing the QuickFinder Server Manager, which is the interface for configuring and managing QuickFinder, see Section 1.4.1, Accessing QuickFinder Server Manager.

This section contains the following topics: