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Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP1


Open Enterprise Server delivers the reliable and flexible file, print, and networking services to your users across multiple platforms, including mobile.

OES 2018 SP1 Release Notes
Planning and Implementation
Installation and Upgrade
Cloud Integrated Storage Administration
BCC 2.6 Release Notes
BCC 2.6 Administration Guide
Cluster Services (NCS)
Distributed Files Services (DFS)
Domain Services for Windows administration
Domain Services for Windows Security Administration
Dynamic Storage Technology (DST)
Linux User Management (LUM)
Migration Tool
NCP Server for Linux
Novell FTP
Novell NLVM
NSS AD Administration Guide
OES Remote Manager (NRM)
Storage Services (NSS)
Storage Management Services (SMS)
iPrint view
iPrint Feature List
Micro Focus iPrint Administration Guide
iPrint Health Monitor
“iPrint for OES” Feature Tour
“iPrint for OES” Administration Guide
Additional Resources view
Support Life Cycle
Previous Releases view
Open Enterprise Server 2018
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