SecureLogin 6.0 with SP1

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Novell SecureLogin eliminates the requirement for users to remember multiple user names and passwords beyond their initial network logon. It stores user names and passwords and automatically enters them for users when required. Users no longer need to remember and manually enter credentials, such as user names and passwords, to log on to applications.

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Getting Started view size last update
SecureLogin 6.0 SP1 Readme (including localized versions)
- English  html  02/02/2007
- French  html  10/13/2006
- German  html  10/13/2006
- Japanese  html  10/13/2006
- Portuguese  html  10/13/2006
- Spanish  html  10/13/2006
Getting Started  html 
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Overview  html   pdf  1 MB 10/13/2006
- About SecureLogin  html 
- SecureLogin Components  html 
- SecureLogin Interface  html 
- Enabling Applications and Web Sites for SSO  html 
- Operational Environment  html 
Installation view size last update
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Installation Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 10/13/2006
- Overview  html 
- Installing in Novell eDirectory Environments  html 
- Installing in LDAP Environments  html 
- Installing in Active Directory Environments  html 
- Installing in Microsoft ADAM Environments  html 
- SecureLogin on a Standalone Workstation  html 
- Upgrading from Earlier Versions  html 
- Installing and Configuring Secure Workstation  html 
- Installing and Accessing iManager  html 
Administration view size last update
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Administration Guide  html   pdf  3 MB 10/13/2006
- Configuring SecureLogin  html 
- Managing Passphrases  html 
- Managing Credentials  html 
- Managing Passphrase Policies  html 
- Managing Passwords  html 
- Managing Smart Card Integration  html 
- Enabling Applications and Web Sites  html 
- Reauthenticating Applications  html 
- Adding Multiple Logins  html 
- Managing Application Definitions  html 
- Distributing Configurations  html 
- Exporting and Importing Configurations  html 
- Using the SLAP Tool  html 
- Managing Workstation Cache  html 
- Auditing  html 
- Novell Audit Configuration For SecureLogin  html 
- LDAP SSL Server Certificate Verification  html 
- Security Considerations  html 
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Citrix and Terminal Services Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 10/13/2006
- Overview  html 
- Installing SecureLogin On Citrix Server  html 
- Citrix Application Deployment  html 
- Configuring Citrix Load Balancing  html 
- Using Connectors  html 
- Using Secure Workstation with Citrix  html 
- Upgrading SecureLogin  html 
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Congifuration Guide for Terminal Emulation  html   pdf  2 MB 10/13/2006
- Setting up Terminal Emulation  html 
- Emulator Settings  html 
- Single Sign-On for Hummingbird HostExplorer 7  html 
- Single Sign-On for MS Windows XP Telnet  html 
- Single Sign-On for PCXWare  html 
- Single Sign-On for SmarTerm for IBM 3270  html 
- Single Sign-On for WRQ Reflection v10  html 
- Single Sign-On for Reflections 2  html 
End User view size last update
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 User Guide  html   pdf  1 MB 10/13/2006
- Overview  html 
- Accessing SecureLogin  html 
- Automatically Logging In to Applications  html 
- Login IDs  html 
- Changing Preferences  html 
- Password Policies  html 
Reference view size last update
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 Application Definition Guide  html   pdf  2 MB 10/13/2006
- Command Quick Reference  html 
- Application Definition Language Overview  html 
- Managing Application Definitions  html 
- Application Definition Variables  html 
- Command Reference  html 
- Testing Application Definitions  html 
- Reference Commands and Keys  html 
- Application Definition Commands for SNMP Alerts  html 
Previous Releases view size last update
Novell SecureLogin 6.0 03/24/2006
- Readme  html   pdf 
- Guides  zip  8 MB