3.0 Creating a Basic Workflow Process

When you are developing a workflow process with Novell®Teaming, use the Teaming Administration portlet. In Novell Teaming, the completed workflow process is a separate function that you can then apply to entries, using one of several methods Novell Teaming provides to start the workflow.

As one example, you can begin by creating a discussion topic in a folder, and then initiating an allowed workflow process for that entry (workflow availability is assigned in each folder’s configuration). The topic enters into the first state of the initiated process, and the workflow begins only for that one particular entry. As another example, you can specify in a folder’s configuration to initiate a specific workflow process automatically every time a user creates an entry of a specific type (including your own customized entries).

This section shows you how to implement a basic workflow design. The Advanced Workflow section expands the design (using Novell Teaming’s Advanced Workflow add-on module) to more closely match the needs of a typical production-ready system (for example, using questions).

See Section 5.1, Reviewing the Workflow Features for a overview of all the workflow features in the designer (this includes the Advanced Workflow features).

The following topics are covered in this section: