5.0 Advanced Workflow

This section expands the workflow design presented in Creating a Basic Workflow Process by using Novell Teaming’s Advanced Workflow add-on module to more closely match the needs of a typical production-ready system (for example, using questions).

NOTE:You must purchase the Advanced Workflow add-on module to perform any transitions in your workflows other than manual transitions.

Despite the power of manual transitions, there are many times when a business process calls for a more complex set of conditions, such as when someone adds a reply to a question in the entry, or when a certain number of days have passed without a transaction occurring.

In many complex transition scenarios, it can be helpful to define a workflow question for your process.

This section provides two example procedures; one for adding a question to a workflow and one for configuring state transitions based upon responses to a workflow question, which appears when the entry is in a specific state. The first section walks through the workflow designer to describe all the various features.

NOTE:A workflow question allows the workflow process to use a set of answers to determine whether and how an entry should transition.