TeamWorks 18.2.1: Maintenance Best Practices Guide

  TeamWorks 18.2.1: Maintenance Best Practices Guide
    Adding an Appliance to an Existing Deployment
    Port 8443 Administrative Access
      About Port 8443 Administrators
      Adding or Removing Administrative Rights for Users and Groups
      Modifying Port 8443 Administrator Accounts
      Simplifying Management through Administrative Groups
    Helping Micro Focus Improve TeamWorks
      Organizational Privacy Is Protected
      How Micro Focus Collects Product Improvement Data
      How Micro Focus Receives Product Improvement Data
      Submitting Your Product Improvement Ideas
    Language and Locale Settings
      Enabling Debug Logging
      Monitoring the Indexing Process
    PostgreSQL—Backup and Restore from the Command Prompt
    Customizing Email Notifications
    Search Appliance Maintenance
      Best Practices
      Permanently Removing (Decommissioning) a Search Appliance
      Shutting Down and Restarting All Search Appliances
      Backup and Restore
      Certificate Maintenance
      Database Communication Encryption
      Email Communications Security
      TeamWorks Component Security
      TeamWorks Data Security
      TeamWorks Security Defaults
      TeamWorks Site Security
      LDAP Synchronization Security
      NESSUS Scans
      Proxy User Security
      Security Scan Risk Reports
      SSH Access for the Root User
      Universal Passwords (eDirectory) Security
      Users and Security
      XSS Security Filter
    Shutting Down and Restarting TeamWorks Appliances
      Use the Shutdown Button in the Appliance’s Port 9443 Console
      Limit Shutdowns to One Appliance at a Time
      Disable User Access Before Shutting Down TeamWorks Services
      Shutdown Order Is Critical
      Startup Order Is Also Critical
      Fixing a Messaging Service That Won’t Start
    Storage Management
      Expanding the /var Partition
      Optimizing Disk Performance
      Backing Up TeamWorks Data
      Disk Usage Checks
      eDirectory Users Can Log In But Cannot Upload Files
      Online Update Service Registration Fails With An Error Message
      Unable to Connect to the TeamWorks Site (HTTP 500 Error)
      Using VACONFIG to Modify Network Information
    User and Group Maintenance
      Adding and Creating TeamWorks Users and Groups
      Creating Groups of Users
      Deleting TeamWorks Users
      Disabling TeamWorks User Accounts
      Renaming a TeamWorks User
    Legal Notice