9.2 Vibe Add-in for Microsoft Office:

Users with the Vibe Add-in for MS Office installed and configured can browse to documents, edit them, save them to Vibe, and much more, all directly from their Microsoft Office UI.

For more information about the Vibe Add-in, see the Vibe Add-In Quick Start.

9.2.1 Providing Access to the Vibe Add-in for MS Office

To provide users with download access to the Vibe Desktop Application software, you must:

  1. Follow the instructions in Distributing File-Access Applications to Users.

  2. Complete the instructions in Configuring Vibe to Allow MS Office Add-in Usage below.

9.2.2 Configuring Vibe to Allow MS Office Add-in Usage

To allow users to co-edit documents, you must modify the access control settings for the Team Member role to allow team members to edit entries that were created by other team members:

  1. In Vibe, click your linked name in the upper right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  2. Under System, click Configure Role Definitions.

  3. On the Configure Role Definitions tab, in the Currently Defined Roles section, expand Team Member.

  4. Select Modify Entries, then click Apply.

    This adds the Modify Entries right to the Team Member role. For more information about roles and the rights that are associated with them, see Managing Roles to Refine Access Control.