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The Novell® Client™ workstation software extends the capabilities of Linux and Windows desktops by providing access to NetWare® and Open Enterprise Servers (OES). Once installed on workstations, Novell Clients enable users to enjoy the full range of Novell services such as authentication via Novell's eDirectory™, network browsing and service resolution, and secure and reliable file system access; all delivered through industry-standard protocols. The Client supports Novell's traditional NCP™ protocol.

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Getting Started view last update
Readme    01/30/2013
Novell Client for Windows Quick Start    01/30/2013
User Guide view last update
Novell Client for Windows User Guide    01/30/2013
- Using the Novell Client for Windows Red N Menu
- Using Novell Utilities
- Configuring Your User Account
Administration view last update
Novell Client for Windows Administration Guide    01/30/2013
- Overview of the Novell Client for Windows
- Advanced Installation Options
- Setting Client Properties
- Managing File Security
- Managing Passwords
- Managing Login
- Security Considerations
Previous Releases view last update
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 11/28/2011
Novell Client for Windows XP/2003
Novell Client for Linux

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